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Atmor Industries Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of Electric Instant Water Heaters in the world. In the last 30 years Atmor has sold over 2 Million heaters all over the world on an O.E.M basis under its brand and "Private Label." Amongst the prominent markets are: England, Germany, Turkey, Russia and the Soviet Republics, Israel, Brazil, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Greece , Jamaica and many other countries all over the globe.
Lupo Distributors Ltd. is the exclusive distributor for Atmor instant water heaters throughout the Caribbean region.

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ATMOR Instant Water Heaters - The Smart Choice


The Atmor heater is built to supply endless hot water on demand. By opening the faucet (or shower) you activate the system, so that the water goes through the unit and heating elements and comes out to you at the desired temperature and flow rate. When you turn off the water, the heater will automatically disconnect itself from the power source.

Would you heat a five gallon kettle to have a cup of tea? Well, why would you heat a 20 or 40 Gallon Tank water heater if you are going to use only 5 Gallons?

J. Todd, Lupo Distributors Ltd.

Welcome to the World of Atmor Instant Tankless Water Heaters utilizing the latest in modern technology.
Atmor is pleased to present a line of tankless water heaters that offers consumers numerous benefits including:

  1. Convenience: No more waking up 45 minutes early to turn on a water heater. It is there upon demand which means hot water in 15 seconds from turning on the tap.
  2. Conservation: The Atmor only heats what you need and only uses electricity when water flows through it.
  3. Convenient Size: The unit is only 12" by 3" by 6", and weighs 2.2 kg.
  4. Easy Installation: When it comes to installation, compared to a tank heater, the labour costs will be considerably less.
  5. Adjustable Temperature: Easy to adjust temperature with an off(0), low(1), medium(2) and high(3) switch.
  6. Low Maintenance: The unit needs little to no maintenance as the element won't build up calcium from the tea kettle effect.
  7. Efficiency: The User sets the unit to the desired temperature. Unlike a tank heater, which heats the water above what is needed, and then mixes it with cold water to cool it down, the Atmor heats to the desired temperature.
  8. Safety: The installed thermal switch prevents the water from getting hotter than 58°C. If it reaches 58°C, the unit will trip out until the element cools down, at which point it will automatically turn back on. The flow switch prevents the unit turning on unless there is a flow of 1-2 litres per minute.